Sample Template for All Amazon Document Failures

Updated 2 years ago

Below is a sample template that can be used to receive failure notification and error responses for all Amazon document upload failures, including inventory, price, order cancellation, order refund etc.. The placeholders will pull the response from the Amazon uploaded documents. 
The template must be assigned to the AmazonUploadedDocumentProcessingFailure template assignment for the template to be sent to your inbox. (First name and Last name reference the first and last name of the user who attempted the upload.)

Please Note: The Global APP setting AmazonDocumentQueryDelayInSeconds must be enabled. This setting can be enabled by SellerCloud Support.

Dear #?FirstName?# #?LastName?#

The #?DocumentType?# document uploaded to Amazon failed with the following message:


Attempted upload of #?DocumentType?# document:


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