Printing Invoices/Labels on Half Page in ShipBridge

Updated 2 years ago

ShipBridge allows you to print invoices/labels on half page. This can be enabled from here:

  1. Open Options from the Menu
  2. Navigate to the Invoice tab
  3. Enable Print API label/invoice on the half page
  4. Additional settings will be displayed. 
    1. You can select the printer and print a test page.  
      The printer set here needs to match the printer set up in Label printer config.
    2. You can choose to print the invoice horizontally.
    3. You can select your preferred template and adjust the positioning.  Additional templates can be requested and build based on your requirements. You can contact SellerCloud Support for more information.

 Please noteBatch shipping should not be used when printing half page label/packing slip.  

Invoice templates

Different templates can be used for your half page invoices: 

  • Default - Prints the default template.
  • FRE - Adds additional info under the default template including the total invoice sum, tax and shipping fee.
  • LB - Adds additional info the the default template including returns information.
  • NJ - Similar to the default template, but with smaller size.
  • OM - This format requires a plugin from SellerCloud. It adds the barcode UPC on top of the label, along with printing the default invoice.

Example schematic of the template BurrisComputerFormsLS 6x4BL can be found here.

If you find that the invoice is not positioned correctly you can make horizontal and vertical adjustments.

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