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SellerCloud integrates with Eye for Fraud online fraud protection software. Orders can be sent directly from SellerCloud to Eye4Fraud for verification and responses will be brought into SellerCloud.
  1. Company Settings > Toolbox > Fraud Protection.
  2. Enter the Eye4Fraud API credentials and save.
  3. On the order detail page, open the P&L tab and press the Post to Eye4Fraud link. Eye4Fraud's response will be saved on the order notes.
  4. Depending on Eye4Fraud's response, further processing of the order (putting orders on hold, etc.) can be handled by custom plugins designed specifically for you by SellerCloud developers. You can  automatically select and send specific orders to Eye4Fraud based on pre-defined rule sets;  based on the response, the orders can be kept on hold or released for shipping automatically. Contact SellerCloud for details. 

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