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You can create rules which can blacklist orders based on certain criteria. For example, if you have a customer who repeatedly orders, and then gives bad reviews, you may want to flag and cancel orders from that customer. Or let's say you want to prevent orders with a shipping address to a freight forwarder because of potential complications  with those delivery services. Creating blacklisting rules can flag those orders and prevent them from shipping.

  1. Navigate Settings > Blacklisting Rules.
  2. Click Add New Rule.
  3. Set parameters for rule. You can blacklist by:
    • Keywords
    • Company Name Contains
    • Address (even a partial address)
    • ZipCode
    • Email (even a partial email)
    • eBay UserID (even a partial UserID)
    • Phone numbers can also be blacklisted and will be matched against plain number format and formatted with "()" ''-" as well.
    • Country
    • IP Address
  4. Setting multiple parameters in a rule will only flag orders with all parameters only if the Apply if all conditions met is enabled. Otherwise, it will flag orders that meet even one condition in any rule.
  5. Activate the rule and save.
  6. Search for blacklisted orders with blacklisted filter in Advanced Search tab. The orders blacklisted status will display in the order status column together with the blacklisting rule's ID that  is applied to the order. 
  7.  Black listed orders can still be shipped in SellerCloud. However, in ShipBridge, you can prevent your shipping department from shipping black listed orders by enabling the Stop Blacklisted Order options on the General Settings tab.

Import Blacklisting Rules

Blacklisting rules can be imported in bulk. On the above page, download the excel template. Populate it and save. Then choose the file and press Upload Blacklist. Use the value "True" "False" to enable/disable the "Active" and "Require All Conditions" columns. 

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