Product Titles

Updated 1 year ago

While every product has one general Product Name, it can have different titles that are used while publishing the product to marketplaces such as eBay.

Keywords used in a title have a major impact on a listing's visibility, and having multiple titles can multiply the product's chances of being seen and ultimately purchased.

A title must be approved before it will be used for eBay. This is a precaution to prevent someone from using the wrong title accidentally. These are the different types of titles:

  • RegularTitle - Not assigned to any of the other types
  • CustomTitle - Used for websites when they have an abbreviated title that displays on search results or while advertising related products
  • SubTitle - Used optionally for eBay listings. Enable the Client Setting Enable Sub title for eBay Listings to post the sub-title to eBay.
  • TopTitle - Main title of the product
  • Channel-specific titles - You can set different titles for each channel. This can be imported or exported with the following column headers: AmazonTitle, BonanzaTitle, JETTitle, SearsTitle, WalmartAPIProductTitle, etc. For more information, contact SellerCloud Support

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