Product Titles

Updated 10 months ago

While every product has one general Product Name, it can have different titles that are used while publishing the product to marketplaces such as eBay.

Keywords used in a title have a major impact on a listing's visibility, and having multiple titles can multiply the product's chances of being seen and ultimately purchased.

A title must be approved before it will be used for eBay. This is a precaution to prevent someone from using the wrong title accidentally. These are the different types of titles:

  • RegularTitle - Not assigned to any of the other types
  • CustomTitle - Used for websites when they have an abbreviated title that displays on search results or while advertising related products
  • SubTitle - Used optionally for eBay listings. Enable the Client Setting Enable Sub title for eBay Listings to post the sub-title to eBay.
  • TopTitle - Main title of the product
  • Channel-specific titles - You can set different titles for each channel. This can be imported or exported with the following column headers: AmazonTitle, BonanzaTitle, JETTitle, SearsTitle, WalmartAPIProductTitle, etc. For more information, contact SellerCloud Support

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