eBay API and OAuth Tokens

Updated 10 months ago

If you are using eBay's Managed Payments option, you MUST get an Open Auth Token in order to receive payments from eBay. If you do not get that token, your eBay orders will import as unpaid. To get an "OAuth" token, see Fetching API and Open Auth tokens from SellerCloud below.

SellerCloud needs third-party authorization to link your eBay account to SellerCloud with an API token. By clicking the Fetch Now button, you are redirected to eBay to authorize SellerCloud. After verifying on eBay, you will be redirected to SellerCloud.The token expires after approximately one year and must be renewed by repeating the above step. Your account must be re-linked annually - even if the token date shown has not been reached. 

After this is done, you will see 'Software Developers LLC - SellerCloud' in the list of third-party authorizations on eBay.

Fetching API and Open Auth tokens from SellerCloud

You can easily fetch the appropriate token from your SellerCloud eBay settings:

  1. Go to your company Toolbox > eBay Settings > General Settings.
  2. On the bottom, you can Fetch Token, Get Token Status, and Get Open Auth Token (the OAuth token is only needed if using eBay's Managed Payments).
If you use the OAuth token for Managed Payments, you may need to change your eBay business policies regarding how buyers pay you. If you do not use business policies, you may need to change your default payment method, since this is updated in each listing that you post on eBay.

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