eBay API Token

Updated 10 months ago

Before SellerCloud can interact with an eBay account, it needs a third-party authorization, linking your eBay account to SellerCloud with an API token. By clicking the 'Link Now' button, you are redirected to eBay to authorize SellerCloud. 

After verifying on eBay, you will be redirected to SellerCloud. The token expires after approximately one year and needs to be renewed by repeating the above step. Account must be re-linked annually even if token date displayed has not been reached. 

After this is done, you can see 'Software Developers LLC - SellerCloud' in the list of Third-party authorizations on eBay.

Fetching the token from SellerCloud

In SellerCloud you can easily fetch the token from your eBay settings. Go to your company Toolbox > eBay Settings > General Settings. On the bottom you can Fetch Token, Get Open Auth Token and check the token status.

Click here to configure the next wizard setting.

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