Compatible Hardware

Updated 8 months ago

Below are the printers, scanners, and scales that are compatible with SellerCloud. If your hardware is not listed, contact SellerCloud Support to check its compatibility. 

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Thermal printers

  • TSC - TTP-245C
  • Zebra 450
  • Zebra ZP500
  • Star TSP100 futurePRNT (MPN - TSP100II) for printing receipts.


  • Symbol LS2208 - To program the Symbol scanner to auto, hit Enter after each scan, and scan the barcodes in this document image.
  • Wireless Scanner LI4278
  • Metrologic MS3580


  • Dymo 40149 - 5Lb  Scale
  • Dymo M25 - 25LB Scale
  • Mettler Toledo Shipping Scale PS60  stainless Flat top platter - 50LB Scale

Card swipers

  • ID TECH IDMB-333112B MiniMag II Card Reader (Black) – KBW, Track 1, 2 (USB and Keyboard Port tested)

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