Compatible Hardware

Updated 11 months ago

Below are the printers, scanners, and scales that are compatible with SellerCloud. If your hardware is not listed, contact SellerCloud Support to check its compatibility. 

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Thermal printers

  • TSC - TTP-245C
  • Zebra 450
  • Zebra ZP500
  • Star TSP100 futurePRNT (MPN - TSP100II) for printing receipts.


  • Symbol LS2208 - To program the Symbol scanner to auto, hit Enter after each scan, and scan the barcodes in this document image.
  • Wireless Scanner LI4278
  • Metrologic MS3580


  • Dymo 40149 - 5Lb  Scale
  • Dymo M25 - 25LB Scale
  • Mettler Toledo Shipping Scale PS60  stainless Flat top platter - 50LB Scale

Card swipers

  • ID TECH IDMB-333112B MiniMag II Card Reader (Black) – KBW, Track 1, 2 (USB and Keyboard Port tested)

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