Import Amazon RMAs

Updated 12 days ago ​by Dimitar Ivanov

An Amazon customer will sometimes initiate a return through Amazon.

Amazon will Auto-Authorize the return and send the customer a prepaid shipping label. A return report can be downloaded from Amazon and imported into SellerCloud using a specialized plugin ( Amazon RMA Import Plugin* ).

  • The plugin will create an RMA for each order in the file.
  • If the item in the report is a kit parent, we will add the components to the RMA instead of the parent.
  • The Amazon RMA ID will be saved to the Order Source RMA #.
  • The label tracking number will be added as an RMA note.
  • RMA's will only be imported if the status on the report is "Approved".
  • The resolution will be set to Refund.
  • RMA status will be Open.

*Plugins can be additionally improved and enhanced on request.

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