Paypal API For eBay Overview

Updated 3 months ago

To use the PayPal API and confirm payment status of eBay orders, the PayPal account needs to be configured in SellerCloud. Once configured, SellerCloud can bring in the PayPal details for eBay orders, handle PayPal refunds, etc.

If PayPal settings are not configured for a company, orders will come in with an Unpaid status. The order may also come in without a Ship-To address. Please follow the steps below to get the PayPal API information. Each company in SellerCloud can be set to use a different PayPal account, and the setting can be edited at Company Settings > eBay Settings > PayPal Settings.

This integration is for the recommended API Signature method. If your Paypal account is already integrated using API Certificate method, please contact the Technical Support team for assistance.

  1. Log into Paypal.
  2. Go to PayPal Tools & Resources > Integrate PayPal > API Credentials.
  3. Click NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic).
  4. Select Request API signature > Agree > Submit to generate a set of Signature credentials. 
  5. Go to Company Settings > eBay Settings > Paypal Settings and enter credentials in corresponding fields.
There is a separate configuration to use Paypal as a credit card processor for local orders. However, the same credentials may be used for both.

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