Jet Properties Overview

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While there are many product attributes sent to Jet, some are required and must be populated before the product is ready to be listed on Jet. Hover over the red X to reveal the missing required attributes.
Use the Export Channel Missing Attributes function to generate a file for updating Jet properties. Read more here.

 Jet Enabled Products that are not enabled with be considered to have zero qty in the Jet inventory feed.
 Product Title The Product Name is used for this attribute. Limited to 500 characters.
 Catalog Type Select the ID type you will send for this product. This Unique ID is a universal identifier for a product; it is not merchant specific. Jet uses this identifier to match  your  product with the correct listing.

  • Default - the Default option looks for an ASIN. If not found will use UPC.
  • ASIN
  • Standard Product Code - ISBN, UPC, or EAN.
  • Brand and Manufacturer SKU (MPN)
 Merchant SKU Defaults to ProductID but can be edited for Jet on the Jet Properties page. This is useful if the product has a different SKU on Jet than in SellerCloud. This field will be  used to map the two identifiers.
 Jet Category Read how to update Jet categories in bulk here. Jet Categories must first be downloaded onto the server by SellerCloud Support.
 Manufacturer SKU MPN
 Shipping Weight 
 Tax Code Jet's standard code for the tax properties of a given product.
 Jet Price Defaults to Site Price. At Jet, the price the retailer sets is not the same as the price the customer pays. The price set for a SKU will be the price the retailer gets paid for  selling the products. However, the price that is set will influence how competitive your product offer matches up compared to other product offers for the same SKU.
 MAP Price Minimum Advertise Price - Lowest price allowed to be advertised.
 Map Implementation The rules for dealing with MAP price when applicable.
 Jet Fulfillment Node Select a fulfillment node ID if there are multiple nodes. Select a default node on the Jet Setting page. Read how to update a product's inventory in multiple nodes here.
 Jet Fulfillment Latency Lead time to ship for Jet. The amount of time it takes to ship the order from when the order is placed. Used to override latency set up on the fulfillment node. Changes  to the latency can be updated to Jet using the "Post To Jet" action. It will not be updated automatically.
 Please note: JET can choose to override this, and list your products with a fulfillment latency of their choice. However, If you have indicated that an item has a shipping  exception for freight (see below), this will extend the shipping date and delivery date.
 Safety Qty Inventory reserved from inclusion in the inventory feed. Read more here.
 Inventory Qty available for Jet. Typically, this will match the aggregate qty, but it can depend on the safety qty, replenishable status etc.
 Shipping Template Override account level shipping charges and options. Read more here.
 Return Exceptions

  • Return in Days
  • Return Locations
  • Return Shipping Labels
 These settings allow you to configure return requirements at a product level. Read more here.
 Image 500 x 500 is acceptable. To create a brand-new listing  1500 x 1500 res is required. Max of 8 images can be sent.
 Jet Attributes Click on link to add more product info. Read more here.

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