Managing Newegg Listings

Automatic Updates to Newegg
Newegg inventory and pricing changes are updated automatically in a combined feed.
The automatic updates are controlled by the Enable Inventory Upload setting on the Newegg Setting page.

Manually Updating Newegg Listings
Individually on the Newegg Properties page use actions:
  • Inventory/Price Update -  Updates inventory and price fields.
  • Update for Newegg Using API - Update the information of a product already in your item list (does not include updating of any pricing field)
  • Update/Append Imageupload additional image(s) of the product or overwrite existing image(s).
  • Replace Image - replace existing images with new images.
For multiple products on Manage Inventory page:
  • Select Products then select Update Inventory on Channel from action menu. Press Go. Select Newegg. Press Continue.
  • Select Products then select Update Price on Channel from action menu. Press Go. Select Newegg. Press Continue. 

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