Sell on Kohl's Overview

Updated 2 years ago

From the founding of its first department store in 1972, Kohl's has grown into one of America's largest department store chains, with a large presence in almost every state. Qualified merchants can dropship for Kohl's by listing their items on the Kohl's website and fulfilling customer orders.
SellerCloud integration with Kohl's via Commerce Hub means that you can manage your Kohl's inventory and sales along with your other sales channels from one centralized and synchronized portal. 
  • Commerce Hub offers both an EDI and XML integration. depeding on your Commerce Hub type, you may need to choose one method over the other. Read more about the options below.
Orders download automatically into SellerCloud for processing, and tracking automatically uploads to Kohl's after shipping the order. Order data can be easily exported to Quickbooks for invoicing and accurate accounting.

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