Unfillable Products

The Unfillable Products page lets you keep track of low inventory items and compare the quantities against items on order. You can easily create new Purchase Orders or FBA shipments by dragging the products in the related cart and it will auto-populate the required quantity.

The Unfillable Products page is located in the Inventory Tab:

  1. OnOrder - quantities in purchase orders that are not received yet.
  2. Qty Available - Quantity available in sellable warehouses or in the specific warehouses selected in the filters
  3. Order Qty - Quantities in not completed orders.
  4. Required Quantity - Quantity required to fit all criteria to fulfill orders, increase inventory and previous sales (see examples below).
  5. QtyPerCase - As set on the products Toolbox > Purchasing menu.
  6. Orders - Click for a list of related orders.
Note: You can add products to the card by dragging them. Drop them in the list under ProductID.

The Unfillable Type filter has 2 options:

  1. Below Inventory Low Level - This filter checks the quantity sold in the past days and compares it to the quantities in stock and those on order. The Inventory Low level Notice can be set for each product from the products Toolbox > Purchasing.  

    Example: this product has negative stock and low inventory notice set to 10. There are no units sold in the past 90 days so the Required Quantity will be 34. 

  2. Unfillable Orders- Shows all products that have orders but not enough quantities to fulfill them.

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