Bulk Update Products Overview

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Check out this short tutorial on creating new or updating existing products using the Bulk-Update feature.

Bulk update products

This feature lets you upload multiple new products or update multiple existing products simultaneously.  Inventory levels cannot be set or updated through Bulk Update; to update inventory, use the Warehouse Inventory Import feature. 

To build your own template with only the fields that you want to update, use the Custom Export option.
  1. Go to Inventory > Bulk Update Products. The Bulk Product Update window lets you can create and upload a bulk-update template file to create or update products and attributes. 

  2. The file must have the ProductID (SKU) or UPC as the first column; make your selection by checking the appropriate boxes. Existing products can be updated with their UPC, but new products can only be created with a SKU as the first coloumn.
  3. If you are creating a new product, check Create product if none exists. The minimum required columns to create a new product are ProductID and ProductName.
  4. Click Get Template File to open the Bulk Update Template window.
  5. Choose a file format from the dropdown: Tab Delimited, CSV, or Excel.
  6. From the Select fields you want to update dropdown: Choose each column header to update > Add To List. Show me the definitions of these column headers. Repeat until you have all desired properties. Note that when adding new products, any vendors and manufacturers that are not in SellerCloud can also be created by choosing those actions from the dropdown.
  7. Click Download Template. Below is a sample template downloaded as Excel:

  8. After entering the products and information, save the template, and then select it using the Choose File button on the Bulk Product Update window.
  9. Select a format type and click Submit. After the upload is complete, a log is generated to show which changes were applied successfully.

Schedule a bulk update

You can schedule a bulk-update for off-hours, which is convenient and most efficient for big jobs. Click the Schedule Bulk Update checkbox to see a date and time scheduler.

Product name in bulk update

Most of SellerCloud's export options include the ProductID and ProductName columns. ProductID is mandatory when bulk-updating products, while ProductName is added to clarify which products you are updating. The client setting Ignore ProductName column in Bulk update for Existing Products controls whether the ProductName updates when there are any changes in the imported file for this column.

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