Replacing image urls in HTML Descriptions

Updated 2 years ago

Sometimes, when a company is moving over to SellerCloud from another system, they have to change the hosting of all the images so that when they cancel their subscription the images aren't lost. We developed a small application for this purpose and it can take all the HTML descriptions and download the related images and replace the urls in the HTML. 

  1.  Install the Interop file depending on your version of Microsoft Excel
  2.  Export the current descriptions and paste them into the Excel file named HTMLBlocks.xls 
  3. Place the original HTML descriptions into the column named HTML
  4. Open the configuration file named ImageDownloader.exe.config and set values for FolderPath, for where the images will be saved and NewBaseURL for the new url that will appear in the descriptions.
  5. Upload the images to a place corresponding to the base URLs and upload the HTMLNew column to revise the descriptions in SellerCloud using Bulk Update Products.


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