Overstock Account Integration

Updated 2 years ago

With the new Supplier Oasis portal, Overstock has moved from an API to an EDI integration. SellerCloud exchanges documents with Supplier Oasis via an FTP supplied by Overstock.

Integrate Overstock with SellerCloud

  1. Contact Overstock to create an FTP. You will need to give Overstock the following info:
    •  Customer ISA Qualifer - ZZ
    • Customer ISA ID - This can really be any number. We generally use the phone number of the client.
  2. Overstock will email FTP credentials as well as the various Qualifiers, IDs.
  3. Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Overstock General Settings page.
  4. If the page is set to the old API integration settings, open the action menu and Switch to EDI Settings.
  5. Enter the Customer Qualifier and ID as above. Then, enter the remaining identifiers supplied by Overstock.
  6. Enter the FTP info.
  7. Check the Enable SOFS setting.
  8. Port should be set to 10022 
  9. Use Passive should be enabled.
  10. Check Delete Files after Processing. If left unchecked, incoming files will not be removed from the FTP and can cause a timeout during retrieval. It may be wise to check this option only after you have tested the order download.
  11. Test FTP Credentials.
  12. Save your settings

Set Shipping Method Mapping

Overstock has codes to instruct you how to ship an item, but they needs to be translated to a particular carrier so that you can practically ship the order. Read more about Overstock Shipping Method Mapping here.

Enable order download and shipping confirmations

Once you enable order download (on the Overstock General Settings page), orders will begin to come in. The orders are downloaded by a scheduler, usually every hour. In some cases we can shorten that interval between downloads but usually it isn't necessary. After an order ships, a ship confirmation will be sent to Overstock automatically on that same interval. There is an option to delay the ship confirmations until the end of the day, but this is not enabled by default. Some people like that option since it gives them a window of time where they can still change the shipping method or cancel the order after the shipping label prints.

Configure Overstock shipping labels

In ShipBridge, it will automatically set the Ship From Address to say it is coming from Overstock, as per Overstock's policy. If your contract with Overstock allows you to ship using Overstock's shipper account, you can configure ShipBridge to use 3rd party billing.

Configure Overstock packing slip

Overstock packing slips will print when printing invoices for Overstock orders. Read about Fulfillment Channel Invoices here. From within ShipBridge, there are are a few different packing slip options that can be configured. These are controlled from Menu > Options > Invoice, by clicking the 'Overstock invoice options' button on the bottom. If you are using a 4 x 6 thermal packing slip, there are options to include the return policy, location notes, barcode etc. There is also an option to print a full size letter packing slip or a two sided label option where the label prints on one half and the shipping label on the other half.

Set safety quantity and default quantity

You can set a safety quantity to help prevent overselling. It will subtract the safety quantity value from each item while posting inventory updates to Overstock. For example, if you set a safety quantity of 2 and you have 5 units of sku ABCD, SellerCloud will send Overstock a quantity of 3.

Enable inventory controls

Inventory feeds are enabled from Company Settings > Overstock > General Settings. The feed will be sent on regular intervals, usually once an hour.

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