Cash/Accrual Profit

Updated 8 months ago

SellerCloud offers two ways to calculate profit:

  • Cash Profit - This is based on the Payment amount of the order. Calculation: (Payment - Refunds) - (Item Cost + Total Fees) + Adjustments.

  • Accrual Profit - This is based on the Grand Total amount of the order. Calculation: Sum(Grand Total) - (Item Cost + Total Fees) + Adjustments.
    Note: Sum(Grand Total) = Order Grand Total - Return Grand Total. 


In SellerCloud, you can switch between these 2 options with the client setting Accounting Basis. This setting will reflect on the P&L of the individual orders. Hovering over the Profit value will display the other calculation.


Profit and Loss Reports can be generated in both ways using the Profit Calculation button on the top right. This button also changes the client setting Accounting Basis after you run the report, switching the P&L method on the orders.

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