Shipping Reports

Updated 7 months ago

The Shipping Summary report focuses on shipping costs. 

The Shipping Dashboard shows total shipping costs, and per carrier method breakdown for a selected date range. Shipping costs include FBA shipping cost as they become available on the settlement report.

Graph and pie charts provide a visual breakdown and comparison of shipping costs.

Shipping Report - Order-based report useful for review shipping costs that shows the following shipping information: 

  • Carrier
  • Method
  • Tracking Number
  • Ship Date
  • Shipping Cost - Amount the seller paid to ship the order
  • Customer Paid - Amount the customer paid for shipping
  • Address - City, State, zip code

Tracking Report - This order-based report is similar to the Shipping Report, but excludes costs. This is useful to keep as a shipping record.

For answers to general questions about using SellerCloud's Financial Reporting Suite, see the Reports FAQs.

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