Security Settings

SellerCloud can be set to restrict access of functionality and access from specific employees.
  • Under Settings> Companies > Company Name > Toolbox > Security, a grid will show where the top row is the SellerCloud tab list and the first column is the employee list. Checking a box in the grid will allow employee access to the selected tab. This will only allow access for the selected company.You can accomplish the same security by navigating to a specific employee  (Employees > Employee Name > Toolbox > Security) where you can apply security settings across multiple companies.
  • To restrict certain webpages within the tabs navigate to Employees > Employee Name > Toolbox > Webpage Access.
  • To restrict functionality from specific employees navigate to Employees > Employee Name > Toolbox > Roles and assign roles to the employee. While this will not prevent the employee from accessing it will prevent any action performed outside of the assigned roles.
    Note: Employees can only be restricted from parts of the system if they are not a Client Administrator in the Roles tab.

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