Custom Inventory Calculation

SellerCloud has the ability to send a custom quantity value to a channel based on a series of rules or special logic. Each time SellerCloud wants to send an inventory quantity for a specific product, it will run it against these rules to determine the right value to send.
This can be done by a SellerCloud technician on the database level using a stored procedure, and also requires a client setting to be enabled to utilize this feature. It can be enabled per channel, and there is a separate stored procedure for each channel.

Attached are a couple sample sql scripts used for

Sample 010: Client didn't want to offer a Fulfilled By Merchant listing if that same listing has an active Fulfilled By Amazon offering with available inventory. SellerCloud is already aware of which FBA listings have positive inventory and we can look that up while sending inventory for the MFN listings, and zero them out until the FBA listing runs out of stock. We also need to only consider FBA inventory from the same country, and total the FBA inventory that could be distributed between multiple skus.

Sample 011: Client wanted the FBA inventory to be considered sellable and included in the aggregate quantity for selling on eBay, but when it comes to sending MFN inventory it doesn't want to include it.

Sample 012: Client wanted the FBA inventory to be considered sellable and included in the aggregate quantity only if a checkbox was checked on each product. We check if IsFBASellable and then decide whether to include the FBA inventory or not.

Sample 013: Client wanted to allocate percentages for each channel, so we display a page where they can configure each percentage and then the stored procedure considers that while calculating inventory to send to the channel.

When looking at the AmazonProperties or eBayProperties of a specific product, you can see a calculator icon 
 to indicate that this 'Custom Inventory Calculation' is in effect.





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