Viewing Channel Listings and Warehouse Quantities

Updated 2 years ago

Viewing Channel Listings and Warehouse Quantities

To filter products by those that are listed to various channels:
  1. Go to the Manage inventory page and open the Advanced Search tab. 
  2. Each channel has a filter with different status related to the product readiness and listing status. 
  3. Select the Posted and Active filter. Be aware that the search results return listings that are on the channels' Active Listing Report that SellerCloud has received from the channel. SellerCloud periodically runs a service that looks at products on the reports and marks them as Posted and Active etc.. Therefore, you may have products that have been recently posted but will not be included in the Posted and Active search results.

To export a report on which channels products are currently listed:
  1. Navigate to the Manage Inventory page.
  2. Select products.
  3. Select action Export Listed on Channel.
The export will display in a spreadsheet with headers for the Product ID and the channels that are enabled. the Product ID column will contain Parent SKUs only. The rest of the cells will have the SKUs that is listed on the channel, whether parent or shadow. See the sample spreadsheet below. 
 ProductID   eBay Amazon Sears
 AZ123 AZ123-A AZ123 
 WT789  WT789 
 PL852  PL852

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