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Updated 3 months ago

You can find the latest QuickBridge version to download on its Release History page or the SellerCloud Support Portal (requires login) > QuickBridge.

Running QuickBridge on the MAC

QuickBridge is Windows-based; however, some programs may help you run Windows software on a MAC operating system. A keyword search, such as "windows emulator for MAC," should produce some results. You may also want to ask other Sellercloud clients on the Sellercloud Forum (requires login) about using software on the MAC for QuickBridge.

Logging into QuickBridge

Here's how to log into QuickBridge:

  1. Enter the following credentials:
  • Email Address - SellerCloud email address
  • Password - SellerCloud password
  • Web Service URL (https://your-server.ws.sellercloud.com/scservice.asmx) - Your unique server ID as shown below.

  1. Click Login to open QuickBridge.

Updating your QuickBridge version

If the QuickBridge version you log into is not compatible with your server's SellerCloud version, QuickBridge will prompt you to download/install a specific version before logging in:

  1. On the pop-up, click "here" as shown below, to download the required version:

  2. The QuickBridge Release History opens with all versions; click Download on the correct version. You can log in after a successful download/installation.

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