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Please read first! For information about this function in Sellercloud's original interface, download this file.

In Sellercloud, products can be configured as "related" to other products.This is typically used as an internal reference that can be used for looking up similar products. (You will not be able to scan and ship a related product. You can scan and ship a replacement product.) However, using a custom calc/plugin, inventory can be pulled from related products to update a listing on a channel. The custom inventory calculation can be created by the Sellercloud Development team and is subject to customization rates.

  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog > choose product.
  2. Open toolbox > Related Products.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Add products in the Related Products window. Click this plus sign.

    sellercloud related products window
  5. Search for products > Select your products > Add & Close.

    sellercloud add related products search window
  6. Save. Related products will appear in each products' details page.

    sellercloud related products weekly planner window

Sellercloud's Bulk Update function allows you to import multiple related products in a single job.

  1. Navigate Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info > Import Related Products.
  2. Download template > Populate. If you are trying to unlink products, enter DELETE into the Action column.

    sellercloud bulk update related products import excel template example
  3. Click to upload file > Import.

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