Related Products

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Products can be configured as "related" to other products.
This is typically used as an internal reference that can be used for looking up similar products. (You will not be able to scan and ship a related product. You can scan and ship a replacement product.)
However, using a custom calc/plugin, inventory can be pulled from related products to update a listing on a channel. The custom inventory calculation can be created by the SellerCloud Development team and is subject to customization rates.
  1. Open a product detail page.
  2. Open toolbox and scroll down to Related Products.
  3. Press Add Product.
  4. Search for one or multiple products in the search window.
  5. Select them and add as related products.
  6. Both products will have the other product in their "Related Products" page.

Import Related Products
  1. Navigate Inventory > Import Product Info >Import Related Products.
  2. Download the template.
  3. Populate and Import.

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