Link FBA Inbound Shipment to PO

Updated 8 months ago

A convenient way to order quantity for FBA is to create a PO from the FBA Shipment after creating an FBA Inbound Shipment:

  1. On the FBA Inbound Shipment, click Action Menu > Generate/Sync PO > Go.
  2. Complete the fields and click Create Purchase Order.

However, unlike creating an FBA Shipment from a PO, creating a PO from an FBA Shipment will not direct the vendor to ship items to the Amazon Fulfillment center. The Ship To address does not change to the Amazon Fulfillment center on the FBA Inbound shipment. And, if your in-house stock is lower than the quantity you are shipping to FBA, you will not be able to preview the shipment until the PO has been received,

After you receive the PO, you will be able to complete the shipment.  

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