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Automatic Overstock Order Download and Tracking Upload

Navigate Company Settings > Overstock Settings. Enable the following settings.
  • Enable Order Download - Orders download approx. every hour. Make sure that shipping method mapping is configured. See below.
  • Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement - Informs Overstock that the order document has been received.
  • Enable Order Fulfillment Upload - sends tracking automatically to Overstock.

Canceling an Overstock Order

Canceling an Overstock order will result in penalties from Overstock. At times, however, Overstock will request you to cancel the order without having it marked as short shipped. (In Overstock lingo, "Short Ship" means not shipping.)
Use one of the following two options to remove the order reserve while preventing the order from exporting to ShipBridge, yet still not send a cancellation order to Overstock.
  1. From the Manage Orders page - select Set as Cancel from Action Menu. This option is a localized cancellation status and will not send a cancellation notice to Overstock.
  2. From the Manage Orders page - select  Set as Void from Action Menu. This option is a localized void status and will not send a cancellation notice to Overstock.

Overstock Shipping Method Mapping

Overstock will send a shipping code with the order to instruct you how to ship the item. However, that code will need to be "deciphered and translated" to a shipping method recognized by SellerCloud. Additionally, the carrier used for shipping included in the tracking notification needs to be sent back in the code recognized by Overstock. 
The shipping method mapping can be configured from Company Settings > Overstock > Shipping Method Mapping.
  • Code to Receive - Select the shipping service level that overstock will be requiring. For example "Next_Day" .See attached image.
  • Rush Service - This marks the order with this service as "Rush". It will also cause the order-level shipping method to take precedence over a product-level shipping method. Read more about shipping method precedence here.
  • Shipping Method - Select a SellerCloud shipping method that will fulfill the requirements of the corresponding Overstock shipping level service.
  • Code To Send - Select the Overstock carrier code that corresponds the SellerCloud shipping method. In the tracking notification, Sellercloud with send the carrier code back to Overstock to confirm the order's shipping status. See attached images.

Overstock Invoices/Packing Slips

As a fulfillment channel, where the customer is buying from Overstock, the required packing slip must conform to Overstock's formatting requirements. 
With Overstock orders, an Overstock-formatted packing slip wil print out as the invoice from each order. This is done by default and requires no configuration. However, if "Per-channel Invoices" is enabled, you would need to configure the invoice as instructed here.
From within ShipBridge, there are are a few different packing slip options that can be configured. These are controlled from Menu > Options > Invoice, by clicking the 'Overstock invoice options' button on the bottom. If you are using a 4 x 6 thermal packing slip, there are options to include the return policy, location notes, barcode etc. There is also an option to print a full size letter packing slip or a two sided label option where the label prints on one half and the shipping label on the other half.


OverStock Code to Recieve

Overstock Code to Send 1

OverStock Code to Send 2

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