Approve and Email PO

Approve and Email PO Tutorial

Approving a Purchase Order

To require the purchase order to be approved before it is emailed to the vendor, client setting Require PO to be approved before it can be emailed must be enabled. In the Employee Roles tab, users can be assigned the ability to approve purchase orders. When the purchase order is ready to be approved, open the action menu and select Approve Purchase Order. When approval is required, a notice will display when attempting to email an unapproved purchase order.

Emailing a Purchase Order

Before emailing the purchase order, you need to have entered the email address for the vendor. If you need to change the vendor's email address, click on the vendor detail link to open the vendor profile page, edit the email address, and save your changes. 

Before any email can be sent, you need to configure your email settings to enable outgoing emails through SellerCloud. Navigate Settings> Toolbox > Email Settings. Click to open the side menu and select SMTP Settings. Use this page to configure your SMTP credentials. After filling in the information, use the Test button to send a test email to yourself using these credentials.

  1. Open the Action menu  and click Email PO. The Send Email page will open.
  2. To send a purchase order, you are required to enter a message. If you have an email template you can select that from this drop down menu and your template message will appear in the message box. Click here to see a sample PO template.
  3. The purchase order will be sent as a pdf file attached to this email.
  4. The Sender's email will default to the user who is sending the message. That can be edited by simply deleting and entering a new email address. 
You can set up a scheduled task to automatically email unreceived items from open POs to the vendor. Read more here.

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