Jet Return Exceptions

Updated 2 years ago

Jet requires merchants to set up at least one return location and to define their return policy, i.e. how many days to return. If multiple return locations are set up, Jet will pick the closest location to the customer as the return location for Customer Generated returns.
However, you can set up return exceptions at the product level to indicate return requirements:
  1. The amount of time (< 30 days) a customer has to return an item. It must align with their returns policy set up the your Jet account.
  2. Which locations accept returns for this item (if only accepted at certain locations). All locations provided are considered equal priority
  3. Any special shipping methods needed to return the item.

Set Up Return Exceptions in SellerCloud

  1. Jet Setting page > Action Menu > Manage Return Locations.
  2. Copy and paste the Name and Node ID of the return location from Jet to this page and save.
  3. The return locations will now display on the Jet General Settings page. 
  4. If applicable, you can set a company level default for Return in Days, Return Locations, Return Shipping Methods. 
  5. On the Jet Properties page, you can adjust the exceptions for a specific product:
    1. Uncheck the Return exceptions - Use default checkbox.
    2. Set the return exceptions and save. When posting the product, the return exception will be used for Customer Generated returns.

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