Updating Hayneedle Listings

Updated 10 months ago

Pricing updates must be negotiated with a Hayneedle buyer and manually updated; no option exists for Hayneedle to automatically update pricing from SellerCloud.

Automatic inventory updates on Hayneedle

SellerCloud sends automatic inventory updates to Hayneedle, an automation controlled by the Company > Hayneedle Settings > Enable Inventory Upload.

If you had selected a SKU's Hayneedle Discontinue setting (Product Summary > Toolbox > Hayneedle Properties); for example, to temporarily send zero quantity, be sure to disable this setting when you want to restart sending inventory for this SKU.

Manual inventory updates on Hayneedle

You can manually send inventory updates to Hayneedle from the Manage Inventory page:

  1. Select products > Action Menu > Update Inventory on Channel > Go > Hayneedle > Continue.

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