Maximum Quantity

Updated 2 years ago

The InventoryMaxQuantity (referred as Max Qty in SellerCloud ) can limit the inventory available for channels to never show the full quantity on the channel - even if there is more available. For example, if there are 500 units available for a specific product and the InventoryMaxQuantity is set to 10, a quantity of 10 will be sent to the channel, but if the available quantity drops to 5, a quantity of 5 will be sent.
InventoryMaxQuantity can be set on a company level and a product level. Before it can be set on a specific product, it first must be enabled on the company level. For example, when enabled on a company level with InventoryMaxQuantity set to 10, all products will default to 10. By overriding the InventoryMaxQuantity on a product level, a quantity of 5 of that product will be sent to the channel while a quantity of 10 will sent for all other products.  

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