Kohl's Orders

Updated 2 years ago

Automate Order Processing

Kohl's orders download automatically into SellerCloud. Enable settings in Company Settings > Kohl's Settings: 
  • Enable Order Download
  • Enable Order Fulfillment Upload - Kohl's may not accept a tracking number notification before the order is actually picked up by the carrier. Navigate Settings > Order Delayed Tracking Settings to set a delay time per channel.. Tracking will not be uploaded until after the time set on this page.
Please note: Kohl's will send their own Kohl's Item ID as the product identifier. If a matching Item ID is not in your catalog, the product will display as "Unknown". To ensure that the SellerCloud ProductID displays on the order, do the following:
  1. Enable the Kohl's company setting Use Merchant SKU when importing orders
  2. On the Kohl's properties page, enter the Kohl's Item ID in the Kohl's Merchant SKU field. You can bulk update multiple products using the column header KohlsMerchantSKU.

Kohl's Packing Slips

Invoices/Packing slips need to be downloaded and printed directly from Commerce Hub.

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