DSW Account Integration

Updated 2 years ago

SellerCloud's EDI integration with DSW goes through Radial (VendorNet), the third-party interface utilized by DSW to manage supplier dropshipping. 
VendorNet will provide an FTP information for testing and production, as well as ISA qualifier and ID. Client will need to provide a customer ISA qualifier and ID. See below. 

In SC, navigate Company Settings > DSW Settings > General Settings. Complete the following fields:
  • Customer ISA Qualifier  - Enter ZZ.
  • Customer ISA ID - Use client's phone number.
  • DSW ISA Qualifier - Provided by VendorNet.
  • DSW IS ID - Provided by VendorNet.
  • FTP Info - All fields will be provided by DSW.
  • Use Passive - Check this field.
SC will perform testing of the following required documents:

  • 850 - Order Download
  • 810 – Invoice
  • 856 - Order Fulfillment Upload (Tracking)
  • 846 - Inventory Upload
Once testing is completed, the automatic feed settings can be enabled.

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