Updating Jet Listings

Updated 2 years ago

Automatic Updates to Jet

Jet inventory is updated automatically in a regular feed. This automation is controlled by Jet company setting Enable Inventory Upload. Pricing feeds are not sent automatically.

Manually Updating Jet Listings

Individually from Jet Properties page > Action Menu
  • Post Product to update all attributes. Use this action to update images, as Jet API no longer supports a independent Image Update API call.
  • Update Price on Jet - At Jet, the price the retailer sets is not the same as the price the customer pays. The price set for a SKU will be the price the retailer gets paid for  selling the products. However, the price that is set will influence how competitive your product offer matches up compared to other product offers for the same SKU.
  • Update Inventory on Jet
  • Update Return Exception on Jet
  • Archive Product - Products can not be deleted from Jet. Instead use this action to archive it.
Please Note: Jet reserves the right to determine which listing information is included or excluded from their catalog. It’s also important to keep in mind that if these products are ever sold by another authorized retailer on their site, the listing information may be subject to change, in an effort to maintain a unified catalog.

For multiple products on Manage Inventory page:
  • Select Products then select Update Inventory on Channel from action menu. Press Go. Select Jet. Press Continue.
  • Select Products then select Update Price on Channel from action menu. Press Go. Select Jet. Press Continue

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