Company Settings Overview

Updated 2 years ago

Company Settings is where you can configure company-wide settings, like marketplace credentials, default listing settings, default product settings, templates, and many other settings that relate to the entire company. Company Settings are located under the Settings tab.
Multiple companies can be created and configured separately to operate independently of each other. Below are a few scenarios in which a client can benefit from having multiple companies:
  1. Customer owns several companies. When different products are marketed under different companies, you can create a completely different branding for each company including invoices, logos, templates, listing defaults and more.
  2. Multiple marketplace accounts. Separate companies are required when selling on multiple accounts for a single channel. For example, if you sell on both Amazon US and Amazon UK, different marketplace credentials and API credentials are required for each in order to upload products and download orders. With multiple companies, Amazon US can be controlled from one company and Amazon UK from another.


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