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Nordstrom, Inc.  is an American chain of luxury department stores headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois and New York City, New York.

Nordstrom DSCO Integration:

SellerCloud is integrated with Nordstrom via DSCO (API). 

  1. Custom Company Settings (need to be set on the default company):
    • NordstromDSCO_Token
      • If you don't have one, please email DSCO at and title your email, "Need Oauth Token". Make sure to include the name of your organization and your account information in the body of the email.
    • NordstromDSCO_SupplierName
    • NordstromDSCO_SupplierID 
  2. Plugins:
    • Nordstrom DSCO Inventory Export
      • Products must exist in DSCO
      • Custom Column ‘NordstromDSCOItemID’ must be set in SellerCloud or the product will be skipped
      • Custom Column ‘NordstromDSCOSafetyQty’ can be used to set safety qty for Nordstrom on a product level
      • Inventory – SafetyQty will be updated
      • Prices will not be updated
    • Nordstrom DSCO Order Import
      • Downloads all NEW orders from DSCO and creates them in SellerCloud
      • Sends an order acknowledgment to DSCO for each order to move it to Shipment Pending status so it will no longer be included in the NEW orders download (status can be changed manually on DSCO if an order needs to be re-downloaded)
      • Orders are created as PAID, for user NordstromDSCO_<CompanyID>
      • The “sku” field on the order response must match the UPC in SellerCloud, and that is how the product will be found
    • Nordstrom DSCO Tracking Export
      • Sends tracking for all orders selected by saved search, marks orders as “SrcUpdatedForShipping” (so saved search can filter by this field)

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