Channel Specific Images

Updated 5 months ago

The channel specific images feature allows you to send different images as the primary image or other image per channel. This feature is typically used when you would like to use an image that has a background as your main description image. Since some channels, like Amazon, require images to have a white, or no, background, you can use this feature to send a compliant image to Amazon while sending your image with a background to another channel.
This feature works for the following channels: 
  • Amazon
  • Sears
  • Walmart Marketplace
  • Website
  • Magento

Adding Channel Specific Images

  1. Client setting Enable Channel Specific Product Images must be enabled.
  2. Click on the Image Manager. Load your images if they are not already there. Read how to here.
  3. Click on Manage Channel Specific Images.
  4. This page loads all the images with their size info.
  5. Check the Primary box of the image you want to send as the Main Description Image.
  6. Check the "Other" or Thumbnail box to send images as supplemental.
  7. Update the product on the channel.

Adding Channel Specific Images in Bulk

Channel images can be added/updated in bulk with a file import. 
  1. Under Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Images, download the template for channel specific images. 
  2. Populate columns:
    • ProductID
    • Image ID - the image URL
    • Channel - the name of the channel the image is for.
    • IsPrimary - Sets it as the Primary image. Will be used for the Description. Expected value = TRUE to set, or FALSE to update primary status.
    • IsAlternate - Sets it as an alternate image. Will be used as thumbnail image on channel. Expected value = TRUE to set or, FALSE to update alternate status.

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