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Metadata with Shopify refers to 2 types of data
  1. Meta Tags
  2. Meta Fields

Meta Tags

Shopify Metatags, or product tags, are metadata that is used by external search engines, like google. Meta tags can be meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords.
Meta tags are added on the Website Properties page. They are uploaded to Shopify when the product is posted.
Meta Keywords are the regular tags used by Shopify search engine. Tags are searchable keywords associated with your product. Tags can help customers find your product through your online store search.

Meta Fields

Shopify metafields are a way to add extra data to the products with fields that are not native to Shopify. The fields do not display on the listing but can be used to reference products internally withing Shopify.
Meat fields are constructed with 4 properties:
  1. Namespace  - functions as a container for a set of metafields which help to distinguish between metadata that you created and metadata created by others with a similar namespace.
  2. Key  - The identifier for a metafield.
  3. Value - content of the metafield
  4. Value Type - string or an integer.
For more information about metafields click here.

Meta fields can be added in SellerCloud in the following way:
  1. Navigate > Settings > Select a company > Toolbox > Website > SellerCloud Integrated Website > Shopify Meta Fields.
  2. Add the Namespace, Key, and Value Type. The Value will be added later on the product level. Or you can bind it to custom column to send values of a custom column on a product to Shopify as a Metafield.
  3. Check the "Add to variant level" box if you going to use the meta field on a matrix parent. 
  4. Press Save.
  5. On the Website properties page on a product, open the action menu and select Manage Meta Fields.
  6. All the Metafields created will display. Enter a value in the appropriate meta field.
  7. Press Save.
  8. Back on the Website Properties page use the action Post Meta Field to Shopify.

Import Meta Field Values onto Products in Bulk

  1. Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Shopify Metafields.
  2. The meta fields must exist in SellerCloud.
  3. Enter the numerical ID of the Meta Field and enter a Value.
  4. Import.

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