Home Depot Account Integration

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Home Depot is an EDI-based integration that requires documents to be transferred through CommerceHub, a third-party platform. However, your account at CommerceHub can be integrated with SellerCloud, which allows you to manage your inventory and orders from your SellerCloud portal.  

There are 2 ways to integrate with Home Depot:

  • Through SFTP obtained from CommerceHub
  • Through VAN obtained from SellerCloud

Integrating through CommerceHub 

After you obtain your test credentials, a testing process will confirm that all documents being sent are correct. Note that testing for cancellations cannot be done through SellerCloud and must be done directly on order stream (see the related documentation in this topic).

To proceed:

  1. In the company > Toolbox > Home Depot Settings > General Settings.
  2. Select the Home Depot Enabled setting.
  3. Complete the Home Depot credentials and settings:
    1. Customer ISA Qualifier - Use the value ZZ
    2. Customer ISA ID -  Usually is the client's phone number
    3. HomeDepot ISA Qualifier, HomeDepot ISA ID, and HomeDepot Seller ID - All three are provided by Home Depot
    4. Remit ID - Provided by CommerceHub 
    5. Supplier/Warehouse ID - Serves the same purpose as the Remit ID 
    6. HomeDepot Shipping Reference Number - This reference number is provided by CommerceHub for use by ShipBridge

      Note: See these instructions to set co-op fees here for dropship
  4. Either enter the FTP credentials provided by Commerce Hub or the VAN credentials obtained from SellerCloud:
  5. Enable the various automated feeds for SellerCloud to import and export information:

Mapping warehouses

You must also map your warehouse(s) in SellerCloud for Home Depot:

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Toolbox > Channel Warehouse Mapping to use the Channel Warehouse Mapping tool.
  2. Choose "Home Depot" from the Select Channel dropdown field. The Local Warehouse column shows all warehouses in SellerCloud.
  3. Select the warehouses for Home Depot.
  4. Save.

See these related documents from Home Depot:

Testing is required before going live with Home Depot! During this process, you can direct any questions you have to our Support team by email or ticket or enroll in Premium Support with a dedicated representative to walk you through the entire process.  

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