Home Depot Account Integration

Home Depot is an EDI based integration. Although Home Depot requires the documents be transferred through Commerce Hub, your account at Commerce Hub can be integrated with SellerCloud, allowing you to manage your inventory and orders from your SellerCloud portal.

Integrating with Home Depot through CommerceHub 
  1. Commerce Hub will provide an FTP for testing and production, as well as testing instructions.
  2. Choose the company that will be integrated with Home Depot and navigate to the Hime Depot Settings from the Toolbox.
  3. Select General settings and fill out the Home Depot related settings and credentials. Enable the channel from the checkbox on top:
    1. HomeDepot ISAID – provided by Commerce Hub
    2. HomeDepotSeller ISAID – Typically, the client’s phone number is used
    3. HomeDepot SupplierID – provided by Commerce Hub also knows as the Remit ID.
    4. HomeDepotSeller ID – provided by CommerceHub
    5. Fill out all related FTP settings and test them from the Action menu.

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