SMTP Settings

SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the standard means with which to transmit emails over the internet. Most email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, and Verizon, use SMTP to allow you to send emails from from a source outside of your account. This means that entering SMTP credentials will enable you to send outgoing emails from within SellerCloud.
  1. Enter the email address of the account from which you want the email to be sent.
  2. Then enter the email account's username and password. In many cases the email address and username are the same.
  3. After filling in the information, use the Test button to send a test email to yourself using these credentials. 
Please Note: Gmail users may receive an authentication error when first testing. This can be fixed by turning on this setting in Gmail Settings: Allow less secure apps to access account. Read more at

Gmail SMTP

The SMTP server should be "", and port should be "587".  If you have any problems with port "587" switch to port "25".

Sometimes Gmail will prevent your SellerCloud server from accessing your email account as a security precaution, because it will appear as though an unknown computer is trying to access the account. This will happen more often if you have 2-step verification turned on for the email account. If all steps have been followed properly and "Allow less secure apps" is turned on, please contact SellerCloud Support, who may be able to access the email account from the server directly to set it as a recognized IP address. 

Yahoo SMTP

Type into the text field for SMTP server. Use if you have a Yahoo Business Email account. Enter “465” as the port number for the server. Type your full Yahoo email address ( into the username box.

Outlook SMTP

Type "" into the SMTP server field.  If you have any connection issues, try to use as alternative SMTP server - "".
Check the option “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication."
Use port 587 and check the option "My Server requires SSL connection"

GoDaddy Outlook SMTP

Type "" into the SMTP server field.

Check the option “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication."

Use port 465 and check the option "My Server requires SSL connection"

Additional info here.


Multiple SMTP Profiles

The SMTP settings entered here is the default email account through which emails will be sent. However, you can have multiple SMTP email profiles configured in SellerCloud. This would allow you to different email templates from different email accounts. It's important to emphasize that we are referring to separate email accounts, not to separate user accounts under one email account.

  1. Open Settings tab
  2. Select SMTP Profiles
  3. Click Add Profile.
  4. Add SMTP credentials for another email account, and save.
  5. On each email template, you can select any SMTP email account configured here. If nothing is selected, it wil default to the SMTP account configured in the Company Email settings.

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