Queuing Amazon Refunds and Cancellations

Updated 1 year ago

You can always add Amazon refund and cancellation requests to a batch that is pushed together in a single document. 

This feature is also useful for preventing throttling, which can happen when you refund or cancel numerous Amazon orders one at a time. Throttling can also happen when pushing individual item information. Learn how to post/update products in bulk to avoid this.
  1. In Client Settings, enable Queue Amazon Order Refunds. This adds the action Amazon Order Refund Queue under the Orders tab. All cancellation and refund requests are sent here, where you can see all refund/cancellation requests not yet sent to Amazon.
  2. Choose a Queue Type value to see refund or cancellation requests.
  3. You can select all or specific cancellations/refunds and process them from the Action Menu's Process Refund or Process Cancellation options. All selected requests will be sent in a single file to Amazon.
    There is a limit of 15 requests that can be processed in a single batch.

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