Queuing Amazon Refunds and Cancellations

Refunding or cancelling many Amazon orders one at a time may cause throttling  which can affect other communications with Amazon. To prevent this, refund and cancellation requests can now be added to a batch, then the batch can be pushed all at once in a single document. 
  1. Enable client setting Queue Amazon Order Refunds.
  2. When this setting is enabled, a link is added under the Orders tab called “Amazon Order Refund Queue”. All cancellation and refund requests are sent to this page.
  3. From the Amazon Order Refund Queue page, you will see any refund/cancellation requests not yet sent to Amazon. You can see either refund or cancellation requests based on the option selected under Queue Type.
  4. You can then select all or a few cancellations/refunds and process them from the option in the Action Menu. All selected will be sent in a single file to Amazon.
    Note: There is a limit of 15 that can be processed in a single batch.

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