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This topic explains the Google Shopping Actions page in Sellercloud's Delta interface.
For instructions in the original interface, download this PDF file.

IMPORTANT: Any updates you make to a product's properties may not appear on Google destinations for up to 2 hours!


Each product's Google Shopping page lets you add or update all the attributes and inventory settings for its listing on Google Shopping Actions.

To access a product's Google Shopping, click Toolbox > Google Shopping. Take a look at a sample product showing its properties organized on 6 panels:

  • General
  • Pricing
  • Listing Details
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Destinations
A product's Google Shopping Properties page
If you have multiple products that are missing properties, you can easily export a file of the information that Google Shopping requires. From there, you can populate those values and import them to Sellercloud using the Bulk Update feature. For step-by-step instructions, see the Export Channel Missing Information topic.
You can also find products by their Google Shopping status: Open the Manage Catalog page > click Add Filter > Google Shopping Statuses > choose status > click Search. You can also create an optional saved view for future use.  Watch this simple process in action!

Product properties

The table below contains the descriptions to configure your product's attributes:






Select to automatically send available inventory to Google.

If unselected, product is still included in updates, but with a quantity of zero.

* Required for the product to be listing-ready.

Active Listing ID

When you click Action Menu > Post Product to Google Shopping to create the listing, Sellercloud pulls the unique listing ID into this field.

Merchant SKU

SKU sent to Google for orders, inventory updates, etc.

If this is blank, product ID is used instead.

Ready to Post

Values are Yes or No.

If No, click to open a pop-up listing the missing attributes.

Click the Ready to Post field's value "No" to open a pop-up showing the missing attributes

Listing Expiration Date

When the product is listed on Google Shopping Actions, this date is set to 30 days in the future.

Enable Auto Relist Product

If this box is checked, the product will be automatically relisted if the Listing Expiration Date is less than the current time stamp.

This setting is checked by default.



Price* / Default

Enter the price of the product listed on Google Shopping Actions.

Alternatively, click Default to pull Google Shopping Actions Price from the Site Price on the Product Summary.

*Required for the product to be listing-ready.

Price for Website

Enter the product's price from your website listing.

Sale Price

Enter an advertised product sale price.

Sale Price Start Date

Select a date for the sale price to start.

Sale Price End Date

Select a date for the sale price to end.




Title of the product on Google Shopping Actions.

*Required for the product to be listing-ready.


Description of the product that will appear on Google Shopping Actions.

* Required for the product to be listing-ready.


Enter the public URL linking to the product page on your website.

* Not required if either:


Click Select Taxonomy to choose from a list of pre-defined categories.

* Required for the product to be listing-ready.


Select the item's brand from the dropdown.


Enter the item's color.


Enter the manufacturer's part number. Also known as manufacturer's SKU.

Age Group

Select the item's age group from the dropdown.


Select the item's gender from the dropdown.

Product Type

You can include your own product categorization system in your product data. For example, you can use product type to organize bidding and reporting in your Google Ads Shopping campaign.

See Google's instructions on product type, including proper formatting.


Select the item's condition from the dropdown.

Size System

Select which country's sizing system your item uses from the dropdown.

Size Type

Select the cut of your item from the dropdown.

Sizes (comma separated e.g., XL,L,M)

Enter the standardized size of your product.

Custom Label 0 through Custom Label 4

Create specific filters to use in your Shopping campaigns. For example, you could label a group of products as seasonal, clearance, etc.

See Google's instructions on custom labels, including proper formatting.



Channel Qty

Total quantity available for Google Shopping Actions.

Avail Qty

Total quantity available.

Safety Qty* / Default

Enter a quantity to subtract from the Avail Qty to help prevent overselling. This is inventory reserved from inclusion in the inventory feed.

Alternatively, choose Default to pull Safety Qty from your company's Google Shopping General settings (Company > Toolbox > Google Shopping General). This setting will override the value in the Safety Qty field.

* Required for the product to be listing-ready.

Enable Default Qty (in case of replenishable)

Displays a Default Qty field and Default checkbox.

Default quantity only applies to replenishable products. For these products, the default quantity is the amount that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates regardless of the actual available inventory.



Shipping Template

Choose one of the shipping templates that you already created manually for Google Shopping Actions.

Min Handling Time* / Default

The minimum amount of time from when the order is placed until the order will be shipped.

Alternative: Choose Default to pull Min Handling Time from your company's Google Shopping General settings (Company > Toolbox > Google Shopping General).

Max Handling Time* / Default

Maximum amount of time from when the order is placed until order will be shipped.

Alternative: Choose Default to pull Max Handling Time from your company's Google Shopping General settings (Company > Toolbox > Google Shopping General).


The intentions for the four destinations include:

  • Default - This is based on Google Shopping settings
  • Excluded - Do not include the product in the selected destination
  • Optional
  • Required - Selected destination name is required


Product's appearance in Shopping ads.

Shopping Actions

Product's appearance on multiple Google surfaces.

Display Ads

Product's appearance in dynamic remarketing ads (these contain specific product info tailored to a customer's previous site activity).

Surfaces Across Google

Product's appearance across multiple Google touch points (includes multiple Google platforms including rich product results on Google Images and Google search).

Actions for a Google Express product

There are 2 options in the Google Shopping Action Menu:

  • Post Product to Google Shopping - Post the product and create the listing. Sellercloud pulls a unique listing ID into the Active Listing ID field.
  • Revise Price & Inventory to Google Shopping - Update the product's current price and available quantities on its Google Shopping listing.

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