Utilizing the eBay Catalog

Updated 2 years ago

Although eBay has a separate listing page for each listing, it does have a product catalog. Tapping into the product catalog when creating a listing will pull basic product information from the catalog, like description and images, and will select a category for your listing. 
The catalog can be search by different product identifiers, including the eBay Product ID, UPC, ISBN, Model # or Model Keywords. After locating the product, you can select it, then add shipping details and list your item. Although the information comes form the catalog, a separate listing page will be created for you listing. 
Please note: Not every listing on eBay is in the eBay Product Catalog (products become included through seller's request) and not every product identifier is on every product. For example, many products may not have a UPC or Model #.

SellerCloud can access the eBay product catalog.
  1. On the eBay Properties page, select a catalog type. The catalog types available for selection are UPC, EAN, ISBN, and Product Reference ID (eBay Item Id).  If you are unsure of the accurate value for the identifier, continue on to Step 3.
  2. After the screen refreshes, enter the identifier in the text field.  
  3. Click Find
  4. Select a listing from the pop up window to capture the product info. If no listing appears in the window, you can enter keywords to search for and select a listing in the product catalog.The information will not be saved into SellerCloud. Rather, your listing will become linked to the product catalog.
  5. The Check tab will determine if your product has been linked to the catalog.
  6. Select description and shipping price templates.
  7. Enable your product and post it to eBay.
For more information,please watch the eBay Properties video.

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