Product Labels

Updated 2 months ago

Product labels can be printed for easy identification and scanning. Basic labels can print a SKU or UPC (with barcodes), or they can print more information such as the ASIN and Brand. Custom plugins can be developed to print more info and in any format.
By default, product labels print on a 3 x 1 single row label rolls. However, a plugin can be used to print out product labels on to a 30 page Avery Style label sheet. The plugin - General30PerPagePRoductLabel - can be installed onto your server at no cost. 

Printing Product Labels
  1. Manage Inventory page, select products. Or you can go to an individual product's home page and select Print Product Label from the action menu.
  2. From action menu, select Print Product Labels. Press Go. 
  3. On the following page, select one of the standard label formats. Or select to use a plugin and select the plugin.
  4. Enter a print label quantity.
  5. Press Print Barcodes.

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