Brands can be created and stored in Setting > Brands. Then you can add the brand to the product from the Brand dropdown on the product home page. 
Amazon requires that brand information be uploaded with your listing in order to post the listing. The brand name entered must match the brand name of the ASIN to which you are posting. Amazon will reject the listing if there is no brand. If, however, the Manufacturer matches the brand name, SellerCloud will be able to use that as the Brand property (if no value has been selected for the Brand field). 
Four options to enter a brand name:
  1. Enable client setting Get Brand from Amazon (if unknown) when launching product. The brand will be retrieved from ASIN if there is no brand already populated. 
  2. Click Get Info from Amazon on the Amazon Properties page action menu. The brand field will populate with the brand that has been attached to the set ASIN.  
  3. Select a brand name from the Brand field drop-down. To enter a brands into the drop down, navigate to Setting > Brands (on Menu) and add click Add New Brand. Then enter the brand name and save. Alternatively, download the sample file, enter the brand names, save the file, select it using the Choose File button, and import it by clicking Import Brands. now the Brands will appear in the Brand drop-down.
  4. Bulk update multiple products using the column header BrandName. The Brand names must first be entered in Setting > Brands (on Menu) in order to bulk update.
Note: The brand names are case sensitive, so be sure that is matches the way the brand name is listed on the ASIN in Amazon.

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