ReceiveBridge Settings

Updated 4 months ago

  • Web Service URL - This is the target url for the web service that ReceiveBridge will use to connect to client SellerCloud account. The format is Replace the underscore with server ID (e.g.
  • User Name – This refers to your SellerCloud User Name.
  • Password – This refers to your SellerCloud Password.
  • Location - This refers to the CWA station location.
  • Station ID – This refers to the CWA station ID.
  • Automatically hit Enter after input - After a product is scanned, it is automatically entered and the next item will be ready to be scanned
  • Recognize scanner type - If you do not know if your scanner hits enter automatically, checking this option will create a prompt to test your scanner and set the system accordingly.
  • Require Serial Number input - If a product is set to ship with a serial # scan on CWA, it will require the same when received.
  • Reset receive count when deleting serials - When  deleting already saved serials, also subtract the number of deleted serials from the purchase item receive count.
  • Validate all product serial#'s for duplicates - Will check CWA that no duplicates for serial numbers exist for individual products
  • Show a Prompt for entering product information - After item is scanned, a prompt to set item properties will pop up.
    • Require location notes - Prompt will include location note
    • Require dimensions - Prompt will include product dimension L*W*H
    • Require weights - Prompt will include ship weight and product weight
  • Require serial number validation in RMAs - When scanning an item which requires a serial scan when shipped, will require the same action when receiving a return.
  • Display CrossDocks Information - Will show items that are in the PO that are also in orders that are in not-yet shipped orders.
  • Include only single-item orders - Will only show items that are single item orders in the CD column
  • Use InventoryAvailableQty instead of total unshipped qty - Will use only Available Qty and not unshipped orders for that item
  • Show CD for positive inventory qtys - Will show an empty column if there is negative inventory on CWA.
  • If inventory is <0, force user to adjust inventory to 0 in CWA, before he can receive an item - If an item is showing negative inventory on CWA, user must set the inventory to 0 on CWA before item can be scanned.
  • Show product quantity on hand (QOH) - Shows a grid column with the current Inventory Available Qty
  • Allow user to populate all qtys at once - When enabled, a button - Populate all Qty as received - will display on the Scan PO and Scan RMA windows. Instead of entering quantity of each item individually, user will be able to mark all items in PO as received with a push of a button.
  • Allow user to enter more serials than qty received - Allows the user to enter more serial numbers than the items ordered.
  • Allow user to enter more serials than qty received - Allows the user to click the PO or RMA # to open their page on CWA (may require manual log in depending on the following option)
  • Automatically log-in into CWA - When the above option is enabled, ReceiveBridge automatically logs the user into CWA and redirects them to the page.
  • Allow saving unrecognized UPC/Alias to CWA - If UPC is unrecognized in CWA, will apply the new UPC as either Alias (if UPC exists) or as the UPC for this product
  • Only use ReceiveBridge to handle returns, not PO's - Will only allow the user to see the RMA portion of RB
  • Grid columns to show when receiving PO - The possible columns that will appear in the itemized POs (all info comes from CWA)

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