eBay Payment Reminder

Updated 2 years ago

eBay offers the option of not requiring immediate payment. Some sellers do not require immediate payment on website order as well. You can use the template below to automatically generate payment reminders. The template has been configured for eBay orders and will need to be modified with the correct placeholders for other sales channels.  Emails will only be generated for orders with an unpaid status.
The template will need to be assigned to one of three PaymentReminder template assignments. Read here about scheduling payment reminders. 

Dear#?FirstName?# #?LastName?#

Thank you for placing an order with us on eBay!

eBay order #?eBaySellingManagerSalesRecordNumber?#


Your order will be processed as soon as payment for $#?GrandTotal?# is received.

Thank you for your business!


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