Inventory Percentage Per Channel

You can send different inventory levels to different channels based on varying percentages per channel.
For example, if a product has 100 units available, and for Amazon you have it set to 70%, SellerCloud will send 70 (and not send the other 30). However, for another product that only has 10 available, SellerCloud will send 7 to Amazon (and not send the other 3). So instead of a specific number safety quantity (like 5 units for all products), the amounts depend on the qty available.

  1. Enable client setting Enable Channel Inventory By Percentage.
  2. Under Settings > company > Toolbox > Channel Warehouse, beside each channel there will be a new field “Inventory Percent”. 
  3. The default is 100%. You can update to another %, to reflect the amount of the inventory you would like SellerCloud to send to the channel. This could reduce the need for some basic inventory custom calculations

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