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Prerequisite: Select Enable Wholesale Options in Manage Orders Action Menu in the Client Settings. This will set the Generate Statement of Account options (PDF and Excel) in the Action Menu on the Manage Orders page.

The Statement of Account is a detailed report of selected orders, per customer, showing all of their invoiced amounts and payments, with the running balances of any invoice payments due, and any aged balances as 0-30, 31 to 60, 61 to 90, and over 90 days based on credit terms.

You can use this statement in different ways, such as sending the PDF file to your customers as a statement for billing purpose, or using it as an Accounts Receivable (A/R) Aging Report for customers with credit terms for payment(s) due.

To create this statement:

  1. Click Orders > search for orders > select desired orders > click Action Menu > Generate Statement of Account (PDF or Excel) > Go.
  2. Click the downloaded report to open it. Check out a sample statement showing a single invoice from a whole report:

    PDF version - This shows each customer's invoice on their own page (or pages, based on their number of invoices):

    Excel version - This shows a list of running rows per customer invoice:

The table below defines each of the columns:



Statement Date

Auto-populated generation date of the report.

Customer #

Sold-to customer on the order.


Sold-to company on the order.

First Name

Customer first name.

Last Name

Customer last name.


Customer email address.


Customer phone number.

Invoice Date

Date the invoice was created.

Invoice #

Unique order identification number in Sellercloud.

Channel Order #

Unique order number from the channel.

Credit Terms

Invoice payment terms; for example, Net 30, etc.

Due Date

Date that the invoiced amount is due.

Invoice Amount

Total amount of the invoice.

Balance Due

Total amount that is owed on the invoice.

Running Balance

Previous balance (if any), plus current balance.

0-30 Days

Days aged from the invoice due date.

31-60 Days

Days aged from the invoice due date.

61-90 Days

Days aged from the invoice due date.

90+ Days

Days aged from the invoice due date.

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