eBay Business Policies

Updated 10 months ago

eBay Business Policies are account-level polices for shipping, payment, and return details. You can have multiple policies for each policy type, with the option to select the preferred policy for each listing. Read more here.

Currently, sellers have the option to opt in or out of the feature:

  • Sellers who opt out - Manage shipping offerings, payment, and return policies through the shipping templates and listing defaults. Otherwise, override them on the product level by using the Action menu to Manage Listing Overrides. 
  • Sellers who opt in - Seller Policies will soon be mandatory (for sellers who opted in) when creating a new listing.

eBay policies are created on your eBay Seller Hub. You can download them into SellerCloud and select the policies on the item level on the eBay Properties page:

  1. Select Enable eBay Business Policies in the Client Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox > eBay Settings > General Settings > Manage eBay Business Policies.
  3. Click Action Menu > Download Policies from eBay > Go.
  4. On the eBay Properties page, there will be dropdowns for each policy type. Select the policy and save. The business policy will override the shipping template and listing defaults. You can also select a default policy in the eBay Attribute Defaults page
If a shipping policy applied to an item offers shipping to an international country, eBay will list your item to that country's eBay site.

When updating any policy type with a file import, use the following column headers. Enter the policy's numerical ID, found on the Manage Business Policies page. See above.

  • eBaySellerProfileID_Payment
  • eBaySellerProfileID_Returns
  • eBaySellerProfileID_Shipping

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