Inactive Products

Updated 1 year ago

When a product is created, it has an Active status. However, you can change the status to inactive. The inactive status of a product is an internal SellerCloud status. It is primarily used to hide products from displaying in the manage inventory page and other product searches. It becomes hidden because the default search filters are set to only return active products. By filtering to allow inactive products, they will display in the grid in a grayed-out row. 

Please note: The inactive status will affect product feeds to channels. An inactive product will send zero inventory to any channel, but it will also keep the listings active.
Note: Inactive SKUs cannot be added to orders.

  • Set active/inactive on a product's Home page with the Active checkbox.
  • Set active/inactive on Manage Inventory page to multiple products. Use actions Set As Active, Set As Inactive.
  • Bulk Update with file using column header Status, with values Active or Disabled.
The Active status on an item is shadow persistent. There is no way to disable this. 

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