Inventory Management Overview

Updated 3 months ago

SellerCloud provides comprehensive inventory management and tracks product quantities and movement. SellerCloud's inventory management system will send Inventory Availability Feeds and Remove Feeds to maximize your products exposure while eliminating the risks of overselling. Inventory is managed through warehouses, and multiple warehouses can be created to store inventory. 

It's important to understand that while SKUs are associated with companies and a single SKU is limited to one company, inventory is associated with warehouses. This means that every product is referenced in all warehouses, but if there is no inventory on the product it will be referenced with an inventory value of zero. 

Inventory feeds to channels can be limited to specified warehouses.

Please read the following topics for more information on managing inventory in SellerCloud:

Adjusting Inventory 

Custom Inventory Calculation 

FBA Inbound Shipments 

Import Physical Inventory

Inventory Import Mapping Tool

Inventory Movement History

Inventory Percentage Per Channel

Inventory Snapshot

Limit Available Inventory to Specific Warehouse

Manual Inventory Reserve

Predictive Purchasing

Purchase Orders

Returning Merchandise to Vendor

Search and View Inventory

Serial Numbers

Set Physical Inventory

Transfer Physical Inventory

Understanding Inventory Terms

Viewing Channel Listings and Warehouse Quantities

Warehouse Management

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